Wednesday, October 8, 2014

September 2014

September just rushed by this year.  We were through with most of the garden, except the tomatoes.  And now those are gone and turnip greens are thriving.
We had to buy a new dishwasher on the 1st.  Our old one just quit cleaning on the upper level.  And I chose a stainless front.  I'm still not sure I like it, but I wanted a change from the black.
We went to the Ruritan cookout on the 4th.  It was a lot of fun again. 
K got her senior ring (gasp!).  It's really pretty.  She chose the school's royal blue in a marquis and the band is gold and swirls around the stone.
We finally caught up on the birthday suppers in one big dinner at Copper River on the 6th.  And we learned how to play Nertz - that's a lot of fun!
My yearly checkup was all good!
Paul surprised me on the 19 with dinner reservations at Caro-Mi.  It was almost 20 years since our second first date (September 23) and that's where we went then.  The food is still very good, especially the apples.
We worked at the Soup Kitchen on the 21.  We had a smaller group of volunteers and a larger group of guests.  There were 30 small children.  We had to make more treat bags for them.  Lunch for us - the world famous Beacon - yum!
K took her first ACT and scored 26.  She wanted 27 for the Palmetto Fellowes Scholarship, so she is taking it again in December.
On the 25th, we went to the CMS Football game.  It was almost chilly sitting in the stands.  Cowpens won 42-14 over Mabry.

K and her friends have been going to the ballgames.  It still seems strange for us to not be going and working, but strange in a good way.

On the 28th, we didn't have power at church for Sunday School.  Our class met in the conference room and opened the windows for air and for light.  It was nice.  And then, we had the last Evening in the Park for this year.  The weather was really good and so were the hot dogs and ice cream.
And now fall has officially arrived!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Catching Up

Wow, I didn't realize it has been a year since I posted.  Fall 2013 was awesome, as all falls are.  We dressed up for the Trunk or Treat at our church as farmers (I know!).

We volunteered at the Soup Kitchen.  K and J enjoyed it so much, they danced in the kitchen.
 We had a huge Thanksgiving dinner with my mom's brother and all his children and grandchildren.

We have evidently started a new Christmas Day tradition - the shooting of the gingerbread house.
Here's the unspecting target:
K getting her shots in...

 And Brent taking his turn...
 We worked at the Soup Kitchen again...
 We went to Gatlinburg in February and I found a new bear.
I went on my first Ladies' Retreat and what happens at the pajama party, stays at the pajama party!  It was a total blast!

Then we started touring colleges (GASP!).  Our first visit was to Clemson University.

Next was the University of South Carolina in Columbia.

And the last stop was the College of Charleston.

Of course, a trip to Charleston required staying the entire weekend.  Paul and I on the dock just at sunset...

 K went to her first prom.  Isn't she beautiful?

She was also a Marshall at the 2014 graduation.

Then, in June, she and Paul both went to Salkehatchie for a week.

We went to Ponce Inlet for vacation in June, just after they wrapped up their week at Salkehatchie.
This was the first place we stopped for lunch - quite a view!

And this is our last meal - breakfast at Pat's on the River.

There was a very talented sand sculptor on the beach - Notre Dame in sand...
And a light house...

Brent bought a boat, so we spent a couple of days cruising around Lake Bowen.

We canned tomatoes, and tomato soup, marinara and ketchup.
The church had a monthly family evening in the park, with hot dogs and homemade ice cream.

During the entire month of July, we fed a group of the offensive lineman from Wofford - great group of guys!
The girls stopped by one night for a visit with Wofford.

And we wrapped up summer with a camping trip to Lake Greenwood with all the Wards.

And now, school has started.  It's my baby's senior year - where did the time go?

Friday, August 16, 2013

We had to say goodbye to this lovely dog this week.  She was a very good dog, a great friend and companion.  She started out a roly-poly ball of Hershey chocolate-brown and soon grew into a fast, running everywhere bundle of energy.  She never thought about walking anywhere if she could run.

Good-bye Belle, you will be missed.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

What a wonderful Spring we have had this year.  The weather was wet and cool and I loved every minute of it!

Paul surprised me at Bible Study with a birthday cake, drinks and a balloon.  We all enjoyed the cake, but I was really hoping when I saw it, that it was for someone else.  I still don't like being the center of attention, but it's good to be loved!

I flew out on Monday (March 25) for Orlando and the ABB Automation and Power World Convention.  This was my first flight on Southwest.  The plane was delayed, and delayed and delayed some more.  I spent 4 hours in GSP.  Luckily, their Wi-Fi was good enough for me to watch several episodes of "The Walking Dead" while I waited.  Once the plane arrived, the flight was good.  The convention center was huge.

 I was hoping for some time out by the pool, but the weather was still quite chilly.  It never warmed up over 70 any day I was there.  It was beautiful though.
They took us to Epcot for the customer appreciation.  The food was an international buffet and we had time for one ride.  We chose "Test Track" which was pretty good, but not nearly as cool as Space Mountain!
I found these characters on our way out - cool topiary, huh?

We had an early Easter this year (March 31).  Katie and 5 of her friends sang during the service at church.
We didn't do any family dinner this year - Mom was sick. 

I finally got the front door painted.  Katie chose the color - turquoise - even though it looks teal.

Paul chose to have a cookout at the house for his birthday this year.  He was the chef as well as the birthday boy.
We had Ron, Brent, Mom and Arthur here.
And the main course - steak!

Heritage Sunday was April 21.  I love this event.  It's so much fun to gather outside for the service and then enjoy all the food that everyone brings! Is there anything better than a church potluck dinner? 
 Bart was a popular spot!
Katie and her friends sang again at Graduation Sunday (May 19).  They are excellent.
And this is her Honor Roll award for 2012-2013. She worked really hard this year and we're so proud of her and all she does.

Our biggest home improvement project was this:  we had a huge concrete pad poured and a 3-bay carport installed so Katie's car and the tractor now have a home out of the worst of the weather.

And here's some random Sam:

Looking like ET:

And finally - a memory from one of my very favorite places ever: